Over the past several years, we have watched as other energy companies have entered the RNG market under an intentional veil of obscurity to ensure the farmer accepts a deal that may not be in their best interest.

At OCEP, we dedicate ourselves to an opposite approach, which includes total transparency and an equal revenue split.

We are not constrained by a faraway board that has the primary concern of maximizing profits to their shareholders.

As this is an emerging market, we have partnered with pioneers of this industry to ensure we can offer a “turn-key” solution to our partners. This approach is different and not accepted in some financial circles but is at the foundation of who we are and what kind of partner we strive to be to our agriculture partners.

No Obligations

We understand there are many factors to consider when making such a significant decision on your farm. We look forward to an honest, no-obligation conversation to answer your questions and provide the necessary information for you to make a proper business decision.

We Serve




Steps to Success

Feasibility Inquiry

A half hour phone conversation will allow us to access current practices and determine possible gas production and provide you with an estimate of revenue generated from gas sales.

Project Scope and Costs

If the project appears viable for both parties, OCEP will engage our partners and assemble a scope and costs associated with the project.

Finance Options

OCEP offers multiple finance options, including some that do not reflect on the farms balance sheet. Once the scope and costs are assembled, we will present the farmer with options on technology as well as financing.


Based on the collaboration we have with the farmer we will provide a contract for the project with a timeline on all aspects of the project.

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